Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas day and New Year

Christmas Day And New Year
Christmas Day
For Christmas I am going to Taihape to stay with my Koro at the marae. There are going to be quite a lot of people there: my Mum,Dad,Sister,Brother,aunties,uncles and my cousins.

When we are in Taihape, we will be going to the waterfall for the day, as well as, spending time with my Koro and then we might have a big kai. We will sleep in the big lounge where all of us can sleep. There is  a small lounge with a T.V. The other lounge doesn’t have  one.  

New Years
For new years we are going to our family beach house which is in Waitarere. The beach house is a two story and  isn't far from the beach. It’s only around the corner. Usually at the beach there is something called the Big Dig.  There's an adults area and a kids area. I n both sections you can either get kids stuff and adults stuff but you are not digging for the prizes you are digging for these tokens.  You take it into this little office and whatever number is on the token that’s what you will get.
                 Merry  Christmas And A Happy New Year

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