Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas day and New Year

Christmas Day And New Year
Christmas Day
For Christmas I am going to Taihape to stay with my Koro at the marae. There are going to be quite a lot of people there: my Mum,Dad,Sister,Brother,aunties,uncles and my cousins.

When we are in Taihape, we will be going to the waterfall for the day, as well as, spending time with my Koro and then we might have a big kai. We will sleep in the big lounge where all of us can sleep. There is  a small lounge with a T.V. The other lounge doesn’t have  one.  

New Years
For new years we are going to our family beach house which is in Waitarere. The beach house is a two story and  isn't far from the beach. It’s only around the corner. Usually at the beach there is something called the Big Dig.  There's an adults area and a kids area. I n both sections you can either get kids stuff and adults stuff but you are not digging for the prizes you are digging for these tokens.  You take it into this little office and whatever number is on the token that’s what you will get.
                 Merry  Christmas And A Happy New Year

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Beach Ed

Beach Ed Day 2017
Parkvale School                       Every one looking at I.R.D
Nikau Hub
Howard Street 
Room 6

                                                                                                                                                            On Friday the 24th some of the year 4's and 5's went to the West Shore beach in Napier. When we were their they taught us lots of cool stuff like about the rips and a new dance and the I.R.D that stands for inflatable rescue device and there is much more that we learnt about 

About the rips
If there is a rip you should stay calm and wave your hand in the air calmly rember if you are in a rip you should  swim towards the side and do not swim towards it because then that's how you will get sucked out.So be safe everybody. 

     Shay tells us about the rip

Getting in the water
When you are swimming in the beach you should always have an adult watching over you at all times. Because if you don't you could drown, get out of the flags or get into a rip.

The red and yellow flags 
If you are at the beach and there is no red and yellow flags out you should go and tell a lifeguard and they will have a look at the currents or sometimes it means that the water is not safe.
              Every one playing seaweed

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

PBL Reflection

PBL Reflection

How do volcanoes form?
Volcanic rock information
Volcano acrostic poem
Positive and Negative
What is the impact do volcanoes have in the world we live in?

This is my volcano. What I found challenging was trying to make the shape. And getting all of the stuff together was pretty hard as well. It was pretty hard trying to get all of the stuff together.
What I had to do to make the shape is... get a jam jar and paper towel roll. To make the pumice I used a normal rock and just painted it white  `
What are the layers inside of the earth and how many?
There are 4 layers inside the earth they are the Earth's crust, Mantle, Outer Core and Inner Core. This will help us to understand how volcanoes are formed.  
         Image result for inside the earth
How do volcanoes form?
Volcanoes are formed when  the tectonic plates split apart that is what causes a volcanic eruption. Within the Earth's upper mantle magma works its way to the surface. It erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits. Over time as the volcano continues to erupt, it will get bigger and bigger.Image result for volcanoes forming

               Volcanic Rock Infomation
is an rock that looks like glass and it is an igneous rock that forms when molten rock cools very quickly. The result is a rock that cooled so fast, crystals did not get a chance to form. Image result for volcanic rocks
is an igneous rock that is dark-colored with plenty of bubble-like cavities called cavity
.Scoria's color can range from black or dark gray to a deep reddish brown. It has a distribution similar to that of basalt, or can also have a composition similar to andesite.Image result for scoria rock bunnings
is an igneous volcanic rock intermediate in Mixture between rhyolite and basalt. Andesite lava. The word andesite is derived from the Andesite Mountains in South America, where andesite is common. Image result for andesite rock
forms when lava reaches the Earth's surface at a volcano or mid ocean ridge. The lava is between 1100 to 1250° C when it gets to the surface. It cools quickly, within a few days or a couple of weeks, forming solid rock. Very thick lava flows may take many years to become completely solid.
Image result for basalt rock

Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank You Chris

Hastings 4122
Nikau Hub
Room 6
Howard Street

Date: 24th may 2017

To Chris
I am writing this letter to say a big thank you for coming to camp kaitawa with RM 6. And another thank you for helping cook all of the food and set up all the activities. thank you for taking us on all of the walks. You are amazing for coming to camp kaitawa with us and giving up all of your time at work and energy. =) =)

One of my highlights was caving because in the weta sanitary cave i saw about 4 or 5 huge weta’s they were amazing there were million of weta eggs they were so ugly. I loved the lucky last cave was so challenging because there is lots of mud on the ground and the challenge was to try not to get your shoes dirty. But luckily there was two big sand stones and you had to shuffle along on the sand stone it was really challenging for me so i had to use my persevering muscle. But in the middle of the cave I fell into the mud so i walked the rest of the way.

Another highlight of mine was the amazing race because I liked how we hade to make waikaremoana with some twigs or sticks another thing in the amazing race was the wet or dry challenge you had to choose between wet or dry food mt tribe chose dry WET BIX  The wet food was Soggy NOODLES the WET BIX  where revolting they  all got stuck in your mouth.

An interesting fact that i learnt was that back in the olden days that camp kaitawa was a school the boys cabin and the girls cabin was two separate classrooms. Another interesting fact is that the rata tree raps vines around some other trees.

Yours Sincerely

Pinenga rolls


Friday, March 17, 2017

My Special Place

4 main ideas
4.Home Time

                         My special place by Pinenga

  1. Water
As I was going into the water it was so chilly that my legs were frozen. After I felt the chilly water I went to go and get changed  into my togs. Even though it was freezing cold I still went for a swim. Firstly I dived under. Once you hop under it isn't so bad at all. So I had a little play for a while it was so fun.
2. Whanau
Yay my whanau is finally here. It is so amazing my Aunty ,cousins and my uncle. It was so fun with my cousins there.Because I was not playing alone in the lovely fresh water.

Oh my goodness it is so packed around lunch time. There are even people jumping of the shiny water full.Their are people bombing  doing manu’s you could barely even move.

4. Home Time
I heard mum say home time.So I rushed out of the water. And grabbed my towel and rushed into the car.

(My special place the waterfall)

Thank You For Reading This Story.

Written By Pinenga Rolls .

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All about me

All About me

                                                 Main ideas 

 Best Memory What makes me laugh My best memory is going to wet n wild in Australia. There is wave pool and when a wave comes you can not touch the ground is like 2 meters deep. There is even a tornado which is like a big water slide and at the end of the tornado there is a big swirly thing at the end and you fall in a massive pool.

 What makes me laugh when my sister Tiaana gets tickled. Because her laugh is so loud and funny. The other thing that makes me laugh is getting pushed down a giant water slide. Because it goes so fast.

 Much Loved Hobby . My munched loved hobby is seeing other people in my whanau and spending time with them like going to splash planet. My other munched loved hobby is seeing people in my whanau that I have never meet before and people that I have not seen in a long time.

 My Fun fact is going to splash planet and going on all of the slides and going on the bumper boats . My other fun fact is going to Auckland and going shopping.😎